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The Old Forge (Monday 17th June 2019)

I noticed a field of poppies on my way to Devizes yesterday and planned to stop on my return trip in search of my missing glasses, but that proved unnecessary when they turned up in the car.
The driveway patch was donated to all the residents who use the drive some years ago but maintenance has been somewhat neglected by the volunteers, and over the last couple of years has been in the process of restoration and bindweed-weeding by Refna and myself. Although we have done some planting, we definitely did not plant the giant opium poppies that sprung up this year and have rather taken over. Possibly a seed has been dropped by a bird.
This one, unlike the others, is Papaver Somniferum v Paeoniflorum, a double flower that has naturalised in the UK. Despite the name it isn't really a drug and the seeds are often used in bread. I think it qualifies for Miranda's Wild Flower Week challenge, with many thanks to her.

17.6.2019 (1818 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Neko Case/kd lang/Laura Veirs - Atomic Number (2016)
Whilst I have nothing against the other two, I am particularly keen on the voice and huge talent of Neko Case (pronounced Nico Case), and I was pleased to hear Rob Delaney say much the same thing yesterday, when he played this track from the album case/lang/veirs on the show he is hosting in Guy Garvey's absence.

One year ago:
Melksham (Christie's garden)

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