Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

In a flap!

This poor black-headed gull was nearly toppled from its perch by another gull. It was flapping like mad to try to regain it's balance!

As you can see from the photo ...... yesterday's blue sky has been obliterated by grey cloud! How unusual ..... not! But at least it isn't raining ..... at the moment!

For all you bird lovers/photographers out there ..... you might want to check out this. You will need to tag your 2013 bird shots with BlipBigYear if you take part.

Went over to Nottingham today ...... visiting various in-laws & my younger sister. Several different visits ...... ending up with little sis ..... for well earned coffee, chocolate biscuits & present swapping! Good fun!

I was a little disappointed though .... she had been given a leopard onsie but refused to allow me to take a photograph of her wearing it! How mean is that? Now that would have been a blip!!!!! :-)

Think I have caught up with everyone ...... huge apologies if I have missed you out!!

Thanks so much for dropping by :-)

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