Log Freuchie

By Freuchie

Mono Monday

Clutching at straws today, blipwise, by posting a mono but not going with the theme.

This is the ghostly reflection in the black television screen that caught my eye this afternoon, probably because of the strong light from the windows. Do you see anyone you recognise in the shadows?

Minty and I had a trip to the vet's today so that he could get his annual booster and another supply of tick-and-flea tablets. He was also weighed and has put on 300g, which is quite a lot for a pooch of his size. I'm blaming it on his naughty habit of climbing onto the kitchen table and pinching Pookie's biscuits and tuna whenever I go upstairs, if I've forgotten to move her dishes elsewhere. (Pookie needs a chair to help her get onto the table, so that's how Minty manages it.) The Mintster is turning into The Monster!

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