One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

At the end of the day...

Nope. It's not what you think. This isn't a rainbow shot. 
This is the only shot that I took today. And even if there had been the opportunity for other photos, I still have a feeling that my selected shot for the day would have been the Vico, and the last rays of the day gently caressing Dalkey Island. The rainbow just photobombed this peaceful crepuscular scene. 
Not that I saw many rays today, as I slaved away on  my computer at the Repair Factory from 8.15am to 8pm. 
I had some legal documents that imperatively needed to go out today. When you award a contract involving substantial sums of public money, you must make sure that you get your letter of intent to the successful tenderer right. But more importantly you want to make sure that your letter of regrets to the others are clear and documented enough to demonstrate that a legal challenge may not be the wisest use of their time. And money. 
Fingers crossed. 

A splash at the Vico at the end of a long day was exactly what the doctor had prescribed (not the audiologist, mind...)

And my flexitime piggy bank got quite a boost today. For, unlike during the dreaded old days of the Mistake Factory, the overtime is not pro Bono. 
I wouldn't work overtime for Bono for free anyway. That's bollix is loaded. 

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