Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

You Can't See Me... Right?

Yesterday evening I watched in amazement as a female deer walked up our driveway, ignoring the fact that I was standing in the front yard, and proceeded across the grass area just below the driveway in front of the house, and on into a weedy/flowery area below our vegetable garden. I wondered if she had a fawn in there, but although I crept around to see her and watched for a while, I never saw it.

This morning The Husband went out the door with Bugsy on his leash, as we were about to set off for our walk and for some reason went over near the vegetable garden. He said he thought he heard the sound of a baby something or other. Maybe a fawn?

We went on off to our walk, and then when we got home I noticed that there were nice red bee balm flowers blooming over in that area near the vegetable garden, so I grabbed my camera and went out there. I thought I'd shoot the flowers, but I also secretly thought maybe, just maybe, I'd find the fawn. So I walked over, looked out at the flowers, and then glanced down and saw, about 10 feet from my feet and slightly below me, and eye looking out at me.

The Husband has been worried all day that the poor thing has gotten too hot and keeps asking me if we shouldn't do something about it. My position is that this is nature, and this is the way female white-tailed deer manage their young, and we have to leave well enough alone. If, and only if, we have actual reason to believe that mama has been killed, then we would gather up the fawn and take it to The Wildlife Center. Secretly I worry too - but my job in this relationship is to be the coldly sensible one. HA!

I hope I see mama returning again this evening. And I also hope she hides the fawn somewhere else tomorrow...

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