By Bella888

Irresistible (Griffon?)

This munchkin was parked patiently outside Marks & Spencer, Westbourne. I wanted to give him a cuddle, but he was wet and bedraggled, so patted his ‘tiny’ head instead. Perfect candidate for today’s challenge ‘Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder’

Today’s weather, currently 14° and it’s nearly midday! Grey damp, miserable and worse to come apparently. Yellow warning for everything (thunderstorm, rain, hail) for the region tonight and into tomorrow. June must end up with the record for the coldest, wettest, greyest, most miserable on record (or have we just forgotten what English weather is like).

Thanks loosbiz for today’s Tiny Tuesday challenge

– – – – –
Last night prepared Middle Eastern ‘Kibbeh’.
Every region seems to have its own interpretation. Key ingredients are potato or pumpkin, and Bulgar wheat – with or without meat. Then deep-fried or baked.

I adapted the recipe and used 50/50 potato/butternut squash. And spinach for the filling. Delicious.

The extras show the finished dish! It looked better with pomegranate, walnuts and parsley sprinkled on the top. 2 portions left for today and tomorrow, 2 in the freezer. I also made a curried soup with the leftover butternut squash.

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