By AH14

Starlings (and a Shetland)

I feel as if I've done little except sort and launder clothing and do endless ironing today! I've certainly not been anywhere, so I took myself down to the bottom of the garden at the end of the afternoon because I could see there was a deer in the field. He wasn't well positioned though - directly behind a barbed wire fence - and there was a cinnabar moth, too - but I didn't see that until I'd disturbed it.....

 So I watched the ponies and waited. It turned out that they were particularly popular with the starlings today - settling on their backs for a mini-feast and bickering a little with each other. Then all of a sudden they were off - straight towards me! I grabbed a shot as best I could and was really quite pleased with the result :)

Another in my b&w journal

And some colour in  My Third

Huge thanks for your generosity on recent blips - I think I should maybe blip flowers more often! 

Ann :))

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