Gray sky

This is taken from the Ford dealer in the area. The drive is pretty. The road travels along a creek and through the Cumberland Narrows, a gap in the hills.

I got an oil change, tire rotation and state inspection today. My car needed the inspection so I can get my registration and eventually my driver's license in Maryland. It passed just fine.

Jill had me worried that the inspection is stringent and that I'd likely need new brakes or a windshield because it has some chips in it. But I didn't need anything new. That's exciting. I thought I would definitely be spending big on replacements.

I also need a front license plate bracket since we only have back plates in Arizona. I wasn't able to get that today, but they said they'd call after ordering one.

I hope to get my license and registration before Jill gets back from China (two weeks!). It'll be a little surprise for her.

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