Bird Therapy

Received a book in the post today from Unbound publishers called Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness and it's basically his ode to birdwatching and how it has helped his mental health as he faced rock bottom, and the art of just watching birds helped him gain back control, and as a keen birdwatcher myself it really strikes a chord! Something so simple can give so much joy and can even be done from the comfort of your own home! This snap was just taken from a back window this afternoon as the baby starlings are all growing up, and causing more mess and noise than ever - and I love it! Just wish they could contribute a little to the ever increasing bird food bill each month though!

Fabulous electric storm over our part of Essex last night too which was fun to watch from the garden - just a few rumbles of thunder through the early morning but a very muggy day today so just wondering if more storms were on their way!

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