By dfb24

Bet you can't guess....

....what the weather's like today--except when I took this it hadn't started raining yet, which it's doing now. I stopped along the road to take this, as it looked so pretty with the grass and phlox growing up all wild & random around the fence! I'd been on my way to the recycling center to dump all the creeping charlie and other assorted weeds that I'd pulled, followed by a stop at the Library to pick up a book that came in for me, and then a trip to the store as I was out of bird seed. I'd picked up a "premium" mix of nuts, berries and sunflower seeds last week, & all the birds are going crazy for it! It was a huge bag, and it's all gone already, so it was time to re-stock. Now I plan on spending this rainy day reading my new book--at least until it's time to pick Mae up from daycare.  Thanks to Cailleach for her WildWednesdays!   :))

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