David J. Rose

By djrose007

Tomorrow, the resin

For the amount of work there is in this job I think the guys have done remarkably well.
The area that was lawn is now covered in aggregate and then concrete.
The original tarmac drive area is the same but bordered by paving brick ready for the resin gravel.
We have been assured that the colour will never fade as it is UVA resistant due to the resin. There's also UVB which is the one that causes sunburn, UVA is not as harmful but does contribute to ageing.

Tomorrow one gang will be doing the front resin while others will begin in the back garden. The boss, a young lad with his brothers and father, said that while they are doing the front he can make us an offer to do both patios at the back that we couldn't refuse. He was right, we couldn't refuse it when we consider the amount of work it will save us as we get older. At least twice a year I brush the two back patios with a soft broom and thick bleach to keep them looking nice.
I can't wait to show you what the finished product is like, but of course I have to!

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