By AMK81

Purple mallow

I had my ESA assessment today and was exhausted before I even got there! It wasn't too bad, the guy doing it seemed quite friendly.

Though they did present us with an ancient, broken tape deck to record the session - my mum's theory is they wheel it out as a prop to show they 'tried'. My choice then was to go ahead without a recording as 'this was brought in specifically for you' or to rearrange the session and delay the final decision even further!!! I just wanted it over with. The session felt rushed - though I did just want to be out of there too as I was feeling dizzy and exhausted.

I couldn't resist a little time in the garden when I got back though as it could well rain the rest of the week/month! So I lay in the hammock a while in the shade - before having a mega nap this afternoon! My mum had already pointed out the lovely purple mallow flowers a few days ago (from indoors!) They're my favourite shade of purple :)

I managed a few snaps after lunch, glad I captured them before they disappear!

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