By PlanW

Chasing Pavements

Isn't that just the way? I'm back on the Blipping and decide to take part in my first ever challenge, Wild Wednesday. I've got my camera to hand, trained on the feeders where the birds have been performing for me every day for weeks and... Nothing! Wednesdays are clearly their day off.

I went searching in the leaves and undergrowth for one of our toads. Perhaps he's THE toad, maybe there's only one, maybe there's loads. Loadsa toads. Who knows, they all look the same to me. Yeah, I know, that's toadist, a very Boris thing to say. Anyway, found him/her, was poised to take a picture and... Boing... It sprang away. I don't know who jumped higher, Mr Toad or me.

So here's a picture of the lorry dumping stuff for the base of our new driveway/hardstanding for the car. Wild eh?

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