By Rosemarie55

Links Pond Gull!

Sunny start to the day so decided a walk down to the Links Pond was in order.  Haven't been down here for quite a while and I was surprised how empty pf water it was given the amount of rain we've had recently.  I can only put that down to the abundance of new rushes growing there  -  they must be sucking all the water up so as to thrive.  No birds except this lone Gull standing on a branch stuck in the muddy pond bed. No sooner had I got my camera out than it suddenly bucketted down  -  torrential rain!  Managed a couple shots before the rain came on, but a few spots did land on the camera.  Luckily not too wet and  I had a cloth handy to dry it with.  Called in at Lidls on my way home to buy Blueberries  and Milk  -  came out plus a packet of my favourite biscuits  -  Italiamo Fior di Neve.  If you like hazelnut and chocolate  you'd enjoy these.  It's been raining on and off all afternoon!    1st day of Summer tomorrow  -  I wonder if it will arrive:)

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