Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

There's an Arthur in there somewhere

Another nice day spent in the bosom of the family.
Investigating camping mattresses in real life, rolling around on the floor in various shops. 
I have very little shame.
I think I have decided, but we're sleeping on it. (hahaha)

We went to T K Max, and several other stores & did shopping for things that will soon become a portable bed for Arthur.
Keith spent some time in Costa Coffee.

We walked the dog in the park and conversed as we wandered.
At some point in the day we ate concentrated carbohydrates for lunch.
And curry for tea, with Cobra beer.
And company!

Now I'm getting a blow by blow account of Arthur's beautiful arrival in the world.
Hypno-birthing courses and positive pregnancy stories, meditation and preparation. 
Very beautiful and moving.
One of the reasons it's important to be here, to share and to listen to the important events in loved ones lives.
Such a privilege.

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