... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wimbledon Park: Cygnet Curves

Fluffier downy detail in large.
Cygnet extras: 
1       : Snoozing cygnet with parent's feathers
2       : Layered preeners (1/2)
2 1/2: Stretching out (3/3)
3       : Moody take

Hum... Visited Wimbledon Park in the early sunshine, and found three quite large cygnets, two very little mallardlings, and various broods of greylag goslings. I took far too many pictures (loads on Flickr if you feel like a fluffy cuteness overload...) and struggled to choose, but got particularly close to the three cygnets as their parents kept watch and preened, so they had to get today's spot.

Others start at the bottom of this page (or right from Snoozing cygnet)

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