By heanku


When driving in northern Finland you have to be alert all the time. At any time it can appear reindeer on the road. And it did it when we made an excursion to the neighboring village Posio 80 km away. Because of the rainy day we could not do our planned hiking, so we changed plans. (Tomorrow the weather seems to be better, so we will try to do the hiking)
Extra: In the village we visited the cemetery. I must of course show you something typical Finnish. Virtually every village where the Second World War progressed, there are Graves of the Heroes, all those fallen in the war. The graves are always well-groomed and flower-decked. Usually there is also a statue with an anonymous war hero.
Second extra: It is time for  summer solstice, but the summer nights in the north are bright many days, not just at midsummer. This is how  it looked like at 2 o'clock outside our window on the cottage we rented for some days.

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