By IainatCreel

A Passing Shower

During my coffee break (yes I fought hard and long to get one) we watched a flotilla of vessels assemble for the 100th commemoration of the scuttling of the German Grand Fleet in Scapa Flow.  Naturally enough I then spent some time sorting the brake cable on CMC’s bike.

Rewarded with another fine meal at the Merkister.  An update from the distaff side indicates that Maggie now has three hats for the wedding; but as yet no outfit. At times like this I wonder - is it worth going on?

So the 21st of June is certainly shaping up to provide a great deal of daylight tonight.  However it is only 8 degrees with a constant west north west wind of 30 knots it feels about 4 degrees.

Tiree Automatic, a slight decrease in pension later, Trafalgar and Fitzroy, removal of free TV licence, Bailey and South East Iceland, despairing rapidly. 


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