Bill The Cat

By billthecat

Solstice Sunset

I couldn't resist jumping in the car and heading up to the refuge stone to catch the sun going down. The view is to the West (duh!) from Witchcraig Hill and the skyline includes multiple munros; Ben Lomond, Ben More, Stuc a' chroin', Ben Vorlich and loads more that I can't name.
Very calming feeling.
The extra is me covering the sun with my pinkie. I'm listening to the podcast "13 minutes to the moon" at the moment. Worth a listen. A quote from Jim Lovell on the Apollo 8 mission; "I put my thumb up to the window and completely hid the earth. Just think, over 5 billion people, everything I ever knew was behind my thumb." 
So here, the source of virtually all our energy is hidden behind my little finger. 600 million tons of hydrogen fusing into helium every second!

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