David J. Rose

By djrose007

Getting back to normal

Today has been another very busy day, thank goodness we've had 3 days of Summer, hope that's not the end of it as we have rain all next week!
Bought some new pots to replace a couple of broken ones, transferred the flowers and twisted hazel, bought some perennials to go into the pots with them so there is some colour each year.
Also did some more scrubbing of the surrounding bricks around the resin and cleaned out the drain channel in front of the garages. That was a big job as resin had seeped over the edge of the metal grids so had to be chipped off so that the grids could be removed and all the rubbish, e.g. rotted leaves, residue from the concrete that had been washed in, it was pretty awful. It's a job I do annually but it's not usually so bad.
Nice to be getting back to normal with the front of the house not looking so bare.

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