If Olive oil comes from olives...

...and coconut oil from coconuts: where does baby oil come from?

On the 22nd, a shot which narrowly escaped Bliphood was a row of cartons clearly labelled "Cat milk" and the question uppermost in my mind was ... Having read an uproariously funny version of giving a cat a pill I was bound to wonder how they got the cats to stand still while they milked them.

Watching the interminable procession of Christmas films, mostly American of course, we often heard mention of the ubiquitous (It seems) "Eggnog. "Being a furriner to them there shores, but having a goodish guess as what they meant I thought I make absolutely certain I was right. While doing so, in amongst the cascade of recipes came the inevitable "Images of ~". I must admit to being gobsmacked as much by the concept of Hen's milk as I was by cats'.

I've just had another another swift squint and run up against this
"Pour 1 personnes :
25 g de sucre ou sirop de sucre de canne
1 jaune d'oeufs
10 cl de lait
1 pincée de cannelle
1 pincée de noix de muscade
pour les adultes :
1 cl de rhum blanc ou autres alcool (whisky, bourbon,eau-de-vie)
Préparation : 5 mn
Cuisson : 2 mn
Repos : 0 mn
Temps total : 7 mn

I wonder what they do with the blanc d'oeufs, if they only use the jaune?

Not only, but also. It appears the Yanky lot also throw out the white as well. Waste of a damgood egg say I. Well, at least till you add some booze.

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