By Artyfartyannie

Let's Talk about Hyderangeas

This one is called Hyderangea Macrophylla "flamingo"
I saw it in the garden centre after we came back from our small break with the family.....Mr AF's brother and his wife. That was terrific and a lot of fun.

Anyway a question for gardeners out there. What has happened to my Hyderangea from the family of "Magical".......It is supposed to be fully hardy ( I suspect that!)  and one day last year as it sat in its pot quite happy after 2 years or so it was hit hard by frost and all the leaves died back........possibly not surprising, but then through a fairly good winter it did not come back except from the bottom part. I planted it in the garden anyway and it has grown a little bit  (an inch with leaves ) In the garden centre they are all in full bloom. Well I know that they have had the best of conditions of warmth and etc but why should a strong growing plant for 2 to 3 years not perform at this time when it should be performing ???? Any ideas appreciated !!!!!

On the journey back from the borders where we had a great time I felt exceedingly rotten so fell asleep for half an hour. Totally recovered and went to buy supplies from Dobbies ( I don't like to part with my money to them but I got bargains) All set for a big plant out tomorrow. I have to rescue most of them but hey hoe I think I will. Second shot of flamingo when more mature...............

Thats it for now

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