By AGBPhotography

Foxy Bonus

Everybody loves a foxy bonus, today I got mine.

After a visit to the duckponds to see how the new ducklings are doing (sadly now down to five) and feed the swans some lettuce, then taking a few photos, I set off on a little foraging walk. This time as well gathering some more elderflowers I wanted some wild roses (next batch of cordial will be an experimental Elderflower and Rose Cordial).
Although I had the camera with me I wasn't too bothered about more photos I had some of the ducks and swans, but then I spotted some bees on flowers, snap, snap. Then later on I spotted some wild rabbits, snap, snap, snap. A couple of good shots one must be my blip for today, but the I moved around the corner looking for some roses and expecting to possibly see more rabbits. What I wasn't expecting to see was this beautiful fox laying in the grass. I managed to get 3 or 4 shots as he/she raised its head and turned to me, the next shot was only of its shoulders to tail as it darted for the bushes, leaving me feeling a bit guilty having disturbed its rest. Definitely todays blip :-)

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