A Moment in Time

By DizzyChick


A stunningly beautiful sea of Opium poppies swaying in the gentle breeze!

These poppies are grown under license for medicinal purposes for the NHS!! If you have ever been in pain or needed morphine/opiate based medication... (I've bounced down the stairs a few times)

This is where it starts it's life!!

I had a lovely chat with the farmer and his wife today!! Amazing to learn more about this crop! You read so much rubbish on social media about these!! It's good to understand and get it from the 'Horses mouth' as the saying goes!!

Enjoy and respect at all times if you come across one of these fields.

A few manners and permission goes a very long way! I was very touched by the owners hospitality and gratitude, I think they were shocked that I took the time to ask if I could photograph their livelihood!!

#Outexploring #Goodforthesoul

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