Bulgarian Dancers

I was in the middle of putting things away after the holiday when the doorbell rang - it was a friend that had turned up to look at my re-done garden. It was lovely to see her although I had to apologise for stuff being all over the place!

I went into Oswestry to get a few food essentials after being away. There is a small population of Bulgarian people in the town and for the second year they have organised a day of Bulgarian folk dance in the park. There was a lot of circle dancing plus some small group dance and the participants come from all over the country.

I noticed that a couple of groups had tartan dresses but don't know if there's a Scottish connections or if they just liked the patterns.  

This evening I'm going to a musical friend's house for a small birthday "do". We've all been asked to take instruments so I think that there might be a bit of music played!

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