A great vantage point

Riding to work this morning, the view of the sunrise from K Road persuaded me to stop and take this photo with my iPhone. 

Work was a mixture of chaos and complexity. After three weeks of low pressure from community services, today was a forceful reminder that we generally run no more than two or three admissions away from being unable to admit to the intensive nursing part of the ward. 

The day was further complicated by mother-in-law ringing S this morning to say that she was ready to go home. I suggested that S check that she was cleared for discharge, and the answer was not yet, probably later in the afternoon. I arranged time off to be the driver to return m-i-l to Snells Beach, and S and I duly arrived at the appointed time.

To find that she was suddenly very much more weak and breathless, and not only were the clinicians wanting her to stay, m-i-l actually didn't want to leave. We stayed with her for some hours while things stabilised again, and she was set for formal admission to a medical ward. It is a real emotional roller coaster for S.

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