By TheOttawacker

Hare today, gone tomorrow

In either an incredible act of generosity or one of the more passive-aggressive act of neigbourliness I have ever witnessed, one of the people living closest to our house cut the front lawns for us today. I wandered out of my front door to see him sweating away with a strimmer while the mosquitoes rose from their hiding spots and swirled around his head.

"I figured you'd been busy since you got back from Spain," he said.
"I have," I answered. "But you don't have to do that - I've just been lazy."
"No problem," he said. "I was doing mine anyway..."

Suitably rewarded with a bottle of JD, I was going to ask him why he didn't do the back as well. And then before I could, our new friend the baby hare popped into the garden and found the carrots Ottawacker Jr had left out for him.

I say "new friend" because all the other hares seem to have disappeared. It's too hot for stews, so maybe they have headed further north for the summer. Or maybe the hawk, that quasi-mythical bird that terrorizes wildlife around the creek, has come back to hunt.

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