London delights

Wandered around stunned by buildings, people, wealth cheek by jowl with utter destitution. Bought the Big Issue. Gave gold to some needy people.

I always find cities hard work due to the deeply uncomfortable contrasts and the fabulous imagination am blessed with. It could always have been me. It could still be.

And it’s been a brilliant day of impressions and impulses, hand holding and togetherness, tired feet and friendly faces.

We just had a chilled beer and are refreshed for the evening. The only day tickets at the National were for two and a half hours of a Northern industrialist and his three rebellious offspring. Set a century ago and all too like the place we just left. So no. It’s too hot for theatres anyhow.

We had lunch with Keith’s sister Caroline. A rare treat. Chatted with nephew in law Pat. Also a treat. Luke was home so we conversed with him too. Hearing about our nephews budding recording career is also a delight.

Back north tomorrow for more family time. More time, different family.

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