By seizetheday

Rippled reflections

It may be warm and sunny in the south, but in this little corner of England it's grey and COLD. So cold in the flat this afternoon that I swapped sandals for shoes and thick socks - unheard of in June!

Most of the morning spent chatting with a very nice lady from the local magazine. She's hoping they'll publish an article about MrM's instrument making as part of a short series on unusual jobs in the area.
No Tai Chi, so it was an afternoon tackling lots of little jobs, some of which have been on the 'to do' list for months weeks - emails sent, Self-Assessment form submitted, tax refund claimed (no idea how long it had been lurking in the Government Gateway), curtain material and curtain rail ordered for the bathroom...

Another short evening walk on the Common with MrM. A female duck at one end of the pond was splashing around and making ripples - rather like the effect they had on the reflections of the trees. 

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