Fierce with purpose

I am grateful for all the comments, hearts, stars, and responses to Margie and to that fascinating article. Of all times for me to disappear and not respond back, right? I'm sorry for that, but as it happens I have not had a moment free since about dawn today. 

I am organizing a vigil that will occur in July, having to do with the treatment of incarcerated children in the USA, our latest "concentration camps." That required my being in constant communication with others all day. I looked up from the computer and the phone at the end of the day to glimpse an unusual sunset, so I rushed over to the fire escape with the camera.

In less than eight hours I need to be over there, on my next photographic adventure. If you look very closely in the lower right hand corner, to the right of that huge cell phone tower, you will see in the distance two tiny little uprights barely outlined against blue hills. The uprights are part of the St. Johns Bridge, and I need to be in that vicinity at 5 a.m. to document a courageous unhoused community effort I shall reveal tomorrow, if all goes well and if the community is willing to have it revealed. They have invited me to be one of two official photographers, and I am honored.

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