By IainatCreel

Before the Water Shed

Warning: Do not attempt this at home.  I spent a large part of the day dipping into Scotlandontap; a site devised to ‘ease’ the process of getting connected to mains water.  It gives access to a series of ‘facilitators’ / ‘enablers’ allowing anyone in Scotland to connect to the mains water.  In other words I now cannot go to Scottish Water as this appears to beyond conventional thinking.  But, conversely I can speak to a company based in Devon who will do this.

Bring back the fat ledgers and the Quink, a time when you merely lifted the phone (you already knew personally who you’d be speaking to) and it would be done by the time you’d replaced the receiver.

 It wouldn’t surprise me if someone from Bolivia turned up at the Hoy Kirk; and for the wrong reason.  They’d probably be delivering the fishing net ordered by someone in Greece.  And CMC wonders (when she returns from her embroidery class on Rockall) that I’ve trashed my romper room again.

This shed is in central Kirkwall, it’s not in the tourist guides.  I believe this is the kind of shed Nick Drake was referencing; some of you who live in Belgium may know this. 

In other news I am going out to a concert this evening.

I blame that Jimmy Spankie.

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