Master B Demoiselle

This dazzling dragonfly was the highlight of my day - along with about a dozen or so gatekeeper butterflies. Despite the 40 mph winds this afternoon, the green lane, where I saw these, is well sheltered.

The male beautiful demoiselle (Caoptreryx virgo) has a metallic blue body and blue wings, but the juvenile's wings are often brown, like the female's - only she has a greenish body. Hence my belief that this is an immature male.

Hot and muggy again, bringing on yet another migraine: at least, all the vision disurbance that precedes it, but thankfully painkillers kept the headache at bay. Just a bit achey around the eyes again. So, an early night beckons ...

Wish it would rain and clear the air. (And water the garden. And fill the pond.)

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