Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

More heat in the north

Another hot and breezy day, very nice!
Cleaned the house in preparation for the 60th birthday celebrations.
Did some shopping for the same reason.
Did the artcard Iforgot yesterday.
Went to town and did some errands that needed doing.
Were moderately successful at that.
Keith went home to garden with Dave, I stayed in town to mooch.
Found a huge duck, on a gable end - like you do.
(It's "A giant duck from Curtis Hylton on the side of Bar Ibiza on Mincing Lane", from the Open Walls Festival, apparently. thanks to Emhowl!)
Rang for a lift home as my feet were SO hot I thought I'd enjoy the taxi service.
Enjoyed the taxi service!
Jude's brother Ben was there, in the garden drinking tea and talking sense.
We had soup for tea.
And political conversations.
I'm bipping.
Keith and Dave are watching England play footy against Norway's team.
Jude - the only worker among us - is having a bath.
Tomorrow the "children" begin to arrive.
A fairly quiet day, there will be busier ones ahead.

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