RIP Woodie Junior

Firstly thank you so much for all the lovely comments, stars and hearts for Mr S yesterday. I hadn't realised he was my 2000th blip. It's also the first time that one of my blips has made it to the popular page. I thank you.
Apologies for another Woodie blip but while we were washing up after tea this evening we hear a bird hit the window. Sadly it was Woodie Junior. He'd been feeding on the nuts for some time. I don't know why he flew towards the house - possibly the Sparrowhawk came through. So sad to see him go. He's given me so much pleasure in the last few weeks. Rest in peace little one.
Within half an hour this second bird flew in to feed. Proof that there was more than one as we expected- sadly not the bezt way to find out.
Work started with a massive haemorrhage at 8.30 - the moment I walked through the door. This was followed by a second being called later in the morning.
Not the best of days. Eli is home tomorrow and hopefully we will get to see Cait on Sunday in Liverpool. So ready for a break.

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