By AGBPhotography

Waves under London Bridge

I set off from home with the intention of capturing some wave shots on the seafront, but a bit of action just East of Torquay harbour drew my attention. The local coastguard launch was ferrying a couple of paramedics out to an incident on rocks near to the natural arch known locally as London Bridge. Not sure of the details but I know this is a popular spot for the local youngsters to go 'tombstoning'. As I was watching I noticed the waves smashing up the inside of London Bridge so I started shooting them for todays challenge. Not very abstract I know so I've joined 4 together to make a collage.
The coastguard launch was joined by the inshore lifeboat (the little orange one) to help with extracting the casualty from the rocks but with the wind coming from an easterly direction, causing quite a large swell this was aborted and a rescue helicopter called.
Apparently this was one of four incidents requiring helicopter assistance in Torbay today, two kayakers were rescued by helicopter off Paignton, this incident which I believe was a young lad, an older gent I think was rescued of rocks and two gents in their twenties were pulled from the sea near Babbacombe (possibly involving a jet ski) sadly one has pass away.
The sea can be beautiful to look at and watch but needs to be treated with respect.

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