*******s to Boris

Great to get a call from Nigel & was able to offload some of my Brexit frustrations. Poor soul, it seems to have been the major topic in the last few years. Unlike him, I don't have people around me who can empathise. As we both said, it's probably a good thing that most of the world doesn't really know in-depth what is going on in the UK.

As it was so hot & the media constantly broadcasting severe heat warnings, I concentrated on staying indoors but as I had the idea to slow cook some chicken breasts and make a cooling salad, I realised I did have to go out & get some ingredients, in particular lemons & celery.

Although it was now midday, I threw Luna in the car & we drove to Ottobeuren and i took her for a swim in the river. She loved it and survived the 5 minutes in a shaded spot with all windows wide open while I got the ingredients.

Homemade mayonnaise, some greek yoghurt, cashew nuts, diced peaches added to the ow soft juicy chicken. Fantastic. Sadly it wasn't to last. I then heard the BBC had been forced not to broadcast Boris saying the French were "turds". As Nigel had said earlier, there is no bottom limit to what people in positions of authority can do & say without there being any negative effect.

So happened that Delia Smith's weekly newsletter had arrived suggesting Lemon Curd Layer Cake was her choice this week. I took her up on the call & made one - had to make some adaptations (mascarpone instead of cream) but largely kept to the instructions. As Delia is also anti Brexit, I dedicated the finished job to Boris. It was so late I couldn't be bothered to make some coloured sugar icing to write the greetings to Boris & I hope nobody can read the words I scratched on the top before adding some lemon zest. It thoroughly enjoyed cutting into it and it was delicious.

Luna & I had a long walk in the late evening and a very long swimming session in the quarry lake. It was 9:00 pm when she came out of the water.

Back home it was time to enjoy cutting into the cake and it was delicious. So thanks Boris for topping off my day.

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