Full Friday

Mr P took Kitty to school an hour early so she could do running club before school starts.
At 9:00 l went to the school assembly to see Kitty play the piano and l could tell she has made good. At break time Kitty has 30 minutes ballet, so she’s had a busy morning.
I came back to our house and had a root through my scarf drawer and managed to pick out over twenty to send to the charity shop.
Thought l would wash them first and here they are some of them hanging out to dry, see extra.
Looking at them l have already decided to keep one but the rest can go.
Picked all the sweet peas in the garden to encourage more blooms.

Then l went to a retirement lunch at my old school for my friend who was the bursar there for twenty eight years, good to see old colleagues and catch up.
Home now and getting changed into something more casual before l pick up Kitty.
Mr P already set off to do this evening’s ballet run.
Hope to enjoy some of this welcome sunshine.
Should really cut the grass before we go over to the girls’ house but may leave it till we move back home next week.
All going well for those at Glastonbury but l think they have sunburn already.

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