Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Abandon bike! Fire up the boots

Absolutely gorgeous day, no clouds, plenty of sunshine, hot but quite a strong wind.

I started a bike ride but the wind was too strong, so I abandoned that.

I went for a walk instead, and very nice it was as well.  I met this 87 year old gentleman who is a warden for the nature reserve, I must admit he didn't look 87.  He'd also gone through heart surgery a few years back, but he was still determined to continue to exercise.  He said he can't walk with his friends, because they get tired after just a couple of yards, so he walks on his own all the time.  He was also saying that every year on his birthday he always climb Pen-y-Fan.  What a guy!  It was a pleasure to meet him and have a good chat.

Even though it's been a short dry spell, the flow across the top of the waterfall had certainly been reduced.

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