By Artyfartyannie


Just changed the photo as this one is more acceptable I think ???? How do I know !! I'll share some extras.

Again trying to straighten out the garden and it is now beginning to look quite nice especially after Mr AF mowed the lawns and I did the edging. I was hoping to plant some more things but other things took prescience !!!!

My neighbour, who is not a gardener has had a bit of luck (typical ) as a nest of tits made a nest in her garden and must have rested on her planters and planted some wild orchids in them.  ( I have put this slightly delicately which is unlike me) I will post them in extra and see if anyone can ID them I have the Northern March Orchid............I think we might swap. Her's have lovely markings, are paler and have spotted leaves. 

Must note that it was warm to hot today with a slightly cool breeze. Must go and shut the Greenhouse door

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