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By HarlingDarling

Pink ears

Sheep portraits were the order of the day, and very sweet they were too. These particular sheep were just outside the village of Waddington, under Pendle Hill. That long ridge is one of my most favourite places in my home area. So you can admire it in the extra. We took the dog with us and roamed as much as we could, constrained by the many sheep, cows and farmers. Bramble was on the lead the whole time, but she made the most of the extended possibilities offered by many meters of lead.

We called in at our favourite cafe, the Country Kitchen, and had the things we like best - each according to its kind. Sausages for Keith (and Bramble) currant slice for me. The lady offered Bramble a cold sausage cut up in bits. That entertained her for half an hour, being dished out in small units. I call that incredibly good service, giving sustenance to our four legged friends!

It's Jude's birthday today so there have been cards and flowers and presents. Lovely to be here to share the fun and the appreciation. I did a test bake of some scones as I have scone-making duties for Sunday. They were good, which was a relief since the flour is very different to my usual stuff. It makes a bigger difference than you might think, changing the ingredients. They are now all eaten up. Of course.

My nephew Nat and Katie have arrived from London, their train was late like ours was so we picked them up at Preston as they'd missed the connection. Nice to return the compliment after all these people offering us a taxi service! Now we have toasted Jude in Prosecco and it's time to hit the hay. Early start tomorrow to pick up the canal barge for the day.

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