Rocky mountaineer

A very active day. We walked to the bow habitat station in Inglewood . A very peaceful place. It is more of an education centre and fish hatchery. There is a wetland walk outside but if you come from the Uk it is very different to our wetland centres which are full of life. We intended going up the Calgary tower this afternoon but met up with some friends who emigrated to Calgary some 6 years ago and spent a lovely afternoon with them instead. A walk before dinners and then chill out time.
The picture is o e of the offending fire trucks and looks cool with the pictures on the sides. I think they depict the history of the Calgary fire service.
The extra is the Olympic plaza where we spent the afternoon. It was lovely just watching the children and adults splash in the paddle area. This area is frozen over in the winter by natural means as well as refrigeration for free ice skating.
For a city there are lots of green spaces , more than London has, to just chill over lunch or at the end of the day. Seem to be every other block but maybe not.

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