Picture this..

By northernlass261


As anticipated a sunny and hot day.

After completing a few jobs this morning we set off to our friends and fellow Blipper ValC and MrC for a BBQ. Regular followers of ValC will know she has a varied and full small garden. Today it was starting to look good. Plenty of plants in flower and some a tad late.

I neglected to get the camera out, as we so were busy chatting, and ValC doing the cooking beautifully, with some of the gooseberries she picked baked in a pie for desert. A huge thank you to them both for their generous hospitality as always.

What a delightful afternoon in such glorious weather. We ladies in the shade, the gents taking in the late afternoon sun.

On arrival home it has clouded over and is very hot and humid. Lovely and cool inside.

I hope people in Spain, France etc are keeping cool and hydrated. Glad we are not there!

So this photo of the Narrow boat moored just the other side of our bit of fence. I wonder how many have been up and down today in our absence.

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