By Orc2009

Old Man of Hoy

A much-photographed spot, but not often from this angle. To Hoy not for eagle-monitoring but a walk. I got the wee bus to Rackwick and walked up to the Old Man of Hoy. It was pretty warm and I was carrying too much stuff as usual. I carried on past the OM along the cliffs passing the Geo of the Sow, The Sow herself and the weirdly named Hendry's Holes. Then to St John's Head. I didn't cross the narrow bit of land to the head itself, given that a trip and a broken ankle at this point might be a problem, then along to Hellia where I took the photo toward Stromness. I did think of heading to the top of Cuilags though I already felt pretty hot and tired but some low cloud rolled over the hill so I headed instead down the steep corrieside of Ennegars and the cliffs. A fair old trek still along to Moaness. The knowledge that the cafe there would be open was a spur.

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