Today I went over to Whitesands Beach near Dunbar for the orienteering event that was being used for our club championships. A decided to cycle there from home so I took Django. Just before I arrived, I realised that I'd either have to find someone who'd look after the dog or take him around the course with me! So it was that Django did his first orienteering course! I lost at least a minute at a stile when he couldn't go under the fence and had to be coaxed over, and later on the route I chose to get out of a small quarry was almost too steep for him to follow. Otherwise, it was another day of hanging around with orienteering friends, with Django and I both going swimming in the sea: his first taste of salt water! In the evening ten of us, including the organiser of last night's event, gathered at the house of the planner. Over beers and an Indian take-away, the TV programme, it's making and the event itself were discussed in great (and often fascinating) detail.

The day still didn't tempt me to come out of orienteering retirement, though!

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