Pictorial blethers

By blethers

First there was thunder ...

...And then there was this wonderful sky. Like a blaze of power behind the spire of St John's tonight, this kept me standing in the midge-ridden garden for longer than was sensible. (Though I have a theory that if you don't breathe the midges won't bother you, it's a tad hard to accomplish ...) 

A strange day, with that misty, warm air and the odd downpour, with dramatic drum-rolls from heaven that last of which had me thinking Mr PB had collapsed above me while I was cooking dinner - I never actually got to see the lightning which was apparently simultaneous. We went for a walk in the late afternoon to recover from a day of much communication (to say nothing of the shopping) and found it amazingly pleasant - gentle, dove's-wing colours and two cormorants chatting on a rock above an unruffled sea.

And then the sunset. All distractions from the beastliness of the side-effects of the antibiotic I was given in case I might catch Lyme disease from that tick bite. I've given up - can't do them any more. 

Fingers crossed!

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