Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Walked Matt to work, then met Pose who was in Bristol last night for a gig. We walked up to Park Street and had breakfast in the back of Boston Tea Party. It was super sunny already but also pretty windy! 

We wandered up to Clifton to finish our respective films, then back to town to get them developed. We bumped into Graham in town so had a quick chat. Dropped my film in, then we went for a cider by the river (in the shade, it was about 27 degrees in the sun by this point). 

I walked Pose to the station then back into town to collect my prints. Back home briefly for a much needed shower, then out in the evening for some dinner at The Standard with Bill and Madds, and then later joined by about 10 more for some drinks. In a day of bumping into people, I also saw Frank for the first time in ages, who was out with some work people. 

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