Mono Monday and Abstract Thursday

Despite the fine weather I was a bit bereft of ideas today. I did a couple of experimental shots to play with. This one I converted to B&W and copied for a kaleidoscopic effect. The end result reminds me of a silent film of the 1920s or 30s, made by Charlie Chaplin I think.

Anyway I quite liked the result, and thought it would be suitable for either Mono Monday or Abstract Thursday, only problem is it was taken on a Saturday. I may have to take it again twice more!

We were just heading out to a Chinese restaurant with a visitor when the heavens opened. We were actually leaving a hotel at the time. Although not residents, we were just there for an aperitivo, they kindly loaned us three umbrellas to help us across the road to the nearby restaurant.

We heard and saw thunder and lightening as well as the heavy rain. I had said a little earlier as I watched the sky getting darker, that had we been in Lenno I would have expected a thunder storm. Well it turns out that lightening doesn't only strike at Lake Como.

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