a Scots life

By Annakucat


Lovely day this morning, so we headed north to Crathes,one of the string of castles along Deeside, with these wonderful gardens and grounds.
We'd visited the castle a couple of times in the past but had never walked around  the extensive woodlands.  So that's mainly what we did, a good longish walk.  After that we had to visit the gardens, this is the justly famous herbaceous border.  Wewant to come back sooner than later as we enjoyed it so much.
a few drops of rain as we left, we'ddecided to call at the pub in Marykirk to have a meal but the rain was getting heavy so after a quick coffee we carried on....the rain was torrential in no time, we drove through Dundee feeling like the car was a submarine.  If I hadn't been following a police car I'd have pulled up tp higher ground & waited it out, but I thought if his car can get through it so can I.  The drains just couldn't cope.
I met a friend today who had been driving to the cinema in Dundee &had turned and come home.  Wise, I think.

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