Lingmoor Fell

2000 blips and at least 2000 steps to the top of Lingmoor Fell, bearing cake and fizz to celebrate Mr P's last Wainwright summit (thats 214 summits!) . And all achieved in the year since we arrived up here. Here he is, drinking Wainwright beer and waving the flag of Cumberland (The summit lies in the pre- Cumbria county of Cumberland)
Can you imagine my horror when I realised I'd take all todays photos on ISO 25,600 by mistake.  He's been "smoothed out" to reduce  the noise.  Not one of my best photos; a shame on this auspicious day. It was hazy but not this hazy, I'd have done a better job with my phone!
PS, this was my 4th Wainwright,  in case you are wondering! Dont hold your breath waiting for my final summit party. 

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