... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Supernormal Stimulus?

More besotted in large.
Nēnēs: Sneakin' poses & Calling others' attention
Winking jackdaw
Mandarin duck (f)
Hardhead (white-eyed duck) posing
Emperor goose with fence patterns

Well, this was amusing... My mother and I went to the Wetland Centre, and as we were leaving she (unintentionally) hypnotised one of the Bewick's swans. Mum was wearing a white and yellow dress, and the swan got super-excited and nuzzled her arm, so I suspect it was just dazzled by all of the colours it's wired to respond to, and couldn't resist (starting here).

Other memorable moments included all four nēnēs marauding around together, a male wood duck in eclipse plumage, a jackdaw poking around the base of a tree, and a female eider being rather hyped up.

Today's others start on this page (or right from Four sneakin' nēnēs)

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